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||ouran high school host club couples stamps|| [entries|friends|calendar]
||ouran high school host couple stampings||


welcome to OURAN-LOV3STAMP, the first ouran high school host club couples stamping community! now, new & improved! members can now not only get stamped as an ouran community, but also find out who their ouran match is. please read THE RULES before writing out an application :)


Tamaki X Haruhi
Kyouya X Haruhi
Hikaru X Haruhi
Kaoru X Haruhi
Mori X Haruhi
Hunny X Haruhi
Nekozawa X Renge
Hikaru X Kaoru
Tamaki X Kyouya
Mori X Hunny



The Layout

This beautiful layout was fully coded by KILLABARBIE, not myself. I do not own any of the characters from Ouran High School Host Club, they all belong to Bisco Hatori. This community was made for fun, not ownership. Header by tmrsweety. Screencaps from for richer or poorer.

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Our Love Style.... [Thursday 4.3.10 @ 23:28pm]

...is like a sadomasochistic kitchen show.Collapse )
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guilty beauty heart [Saturday 18.7.09 @ 14:15pm]

What a crime...Collapse )
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our love style <3 [Sunday 5.7.09 @ 16:31pm]

[ mood | ditzy ]

this is a romantic comedy, where you and I are the lead characters.Collapse )

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Our Love Style! ♥♥♥ [Wednesday 1.10.08 @ 12:37pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

maybe you're my ♥Collapse )

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Guilty beauty heart [Wednesday 27.8.08 @ 11:36am]

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Which couple!?!Collapse )

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a guilty heart of beauty. sounds dramatic. [Wednesday 16.7.08 @ 21:31pm]


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Guilty Beauty Heart [Friday 11.7.08 @ 23:16pm]

[ mood | indescribable ]

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Our ☆ Love ☆ Style [Saturday 5.7.08 @ 0:16am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

よろしくね~~~★Collapse )

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Please, clue me in to whatever our love style may be... [Sunday 8.6.08 @ 16:57pm]

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Before I utterly burst in this mirrorCollapse )

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Whee. [Thursday 21.2.08 @ 16:51pm]

<lj-cut text="This Is Where Your Comment Goes Blah Blah">
♥ The Basics
<b>Name &/or Nickname: </b>Kirroha. Akizuka Kirroha. And my nick is Cupcake. Call me whichever you want.
<b>Age: </b>13
<b>Gender: </b>Female
<b>Describe The Good Of Your Personality: </b>I dunno. I have an IQ of 161 then. XD
<b>Now Explain The Bad: </b>Me lazy :P
♥ Your Relationships
<b>Describe Relationship With Friends (good, bad, etc.): </b>Not that good. But I have true friends, and they're enough.
<b>Do You Have A Crush Or Interest In Someone?: </b>Yeah. But I'm really not telling.
<b>How Is Your Relationship With This Person?: </b>Absolutely nothing.
<b>How Often Do You Get To Spend Time With This Person: </b>none. he's in a diff school now.
<b>Wanna Keep This Person All For Yourself? X): </b>erm. Not really. Childhood crushes.
♥ Ouran Relationships Survey
<b>Your Favorite Ouran Paring And Why?: </b>Kyouya x Haruhi! They just seem so cute and they've got chemistry. And I just, well, like pairings that are not that obvious. I don't believe in opposites attract (ever wondered why I hate NaruHina?) but I don't believe that Kyouya and Haruhi are opposites. In the manga, Haruhi has a "dark side" ("The 3rd Demon has come! WAARGH-") and Kyouya has a bright side of his own. :D
<b>Least Favorite Paring And Why?: </b>Tamaki and Haruhi. It seems too crushy.
<b>Favorite Paring Moment In The Series: </b>Hard to decide. Probably that bit when Kyouya grabbed Haruhi and covered her mouth in chapter 24. Or when he pretended he wanted to rape her in chappie 9. Or when he stood up for her and got the fake merchandise peddler arrested in chap 28. Or when he rescued her from the pool in 24. Anything. XP
<b>Opinions About Twincest: </b>Don't get why they should be discriminated.
<b>Tamaki & Haruhi, ideal romantic comedy couple? </b>Explain: NO. Tamaki only likes her because she's cute? How abrupt. That is obviously a symbol of a simple crush that is likely to wear off.
<b>Prefer yaoi more?: .... no.
<b>Really, who should Haruhi belong to? Why?: </b>Kyouya. For the reasons stated in the first question.
<b>Are Kyouya and Tamaki the perfect mommy and daddy? </b>Yup. :P
<b>Hunny and Mori, more than just family? </b> They are family. What more can it get? :D
<b>Hikaru is sooooo into Haruhi, hm?</b> He is, and I don't like him. So there. >:D
<b>Haruhi really should have gave into Kyouya (ep. 8)?:</b> In my opinion, she actually did. She didn't struggle or anything, did she? But Kyouya didn't do anything, so there. I don't want him to have done anything either. Then it will be too weird.
<b>Hunny and Haruhi, cute couple?:</b> As brother and sister, yes.
<b>Hikaru X Haruhi or Kaoru X Haruhi?:</b> Kaoru X Haruhi, definitely! HikaHaru's hateable.
<b>If you can keep one Host member to yourself, who would it be and why?:</b> ... i don't have a crush on anybody in the host club.
<b>Any other comments you want to add?:</b> my sister has a crush on haruhi. Ha.
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OUR LOOOOVE STYLE [Saturday 16.2.08 @ 23:16pm]

match me up!Collapse )
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Guilty Beauty Love [Sunday 3.2.08 @ 21:14pm]

Whoooooooooo~Collapse )
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Our Love Style [Sunday 27.1.08 @ 17:19pm]

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Guilty Beauty Heart [Saturday 5.1.08 @ 10:41am]

Let's meet again in the next lifeCollapse )
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Guilty Beauty Heart [Friday 4.1.08 @ 12:47pm]

[ mood | bored ]

So where is the passion when you need it the mostCollapse )

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Guilty Beauty Heart [Thursday 22.11.07 @ 1:20am]

[ mood | giggly ]

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Our love style ... [Sunday 18.11.07 @ 13:27pm]



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Our Love Style Is So... Esoteric. [Wednesday 7.11.07 @ 17:15pm]
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Guilty Beauty Heart [Wednesday 7.11.07 @ 16:07pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

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Our Love Style [Friday 2.11.07 @ 11:44am]

[ mood | curious ]

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies Collapse )

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